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1.38″ Display

$49.00 Excluding tax

Ultra low power applications, such as IOT, wearables, smart cards.

180 x 100 pixels, 150 ppi
Active area: 30.6 x 17.0 mm
Ultrachip UC8156 platform


Parrot MSP430 for 1.38″ Display

$349.00 Excluding tax

MSP430-Kit, suited for ultra low power applications and repeated low-performance tasks with short start-up time such as IOT, wearables, small labels and smartcards.
The MCU TI MSP430F5438A is a hard-coded microcontroller unit, and code changes require a dedicated JTAG programmer.
The kit includes the MCU board Parrot and all other components required to operate different display sizes.
The display sizes suported are 1.1″, 1.38″, 2.1″, 3.1″, 4″, 4.9″, 4.7″ and 10.7″.