Making smart wearables even more wearable

Our flexible display techology enables even smarter wearable devices

Popularity of wearables

Wearable smart devices, known as wearables, have become increasingly popular among consumers over the last decade.

Smartwatches such as the Apple Watch, are well-known wearables, but many other applications have emerged, including health-tracking services, clothing and jewellery.

The challenge to wearable device designers is to source and incorporate flexible display technology that enhances, and does not detract from, the functionality and look-and-feel of the product.

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Flexible and adaptable

Plastic Logic’s glass-free Lectum® displays are proven in the wearables’ market and are the perfect solution to meet wearable technology designers’ needs.

As well as flexibility, which is key to wearables’ design, our displays are extremely robust and shatterproof. They enable wearables to be designed that can withstand the wear-and-tear of daily usage.

Our electrophoretic displays (EPDs) are intrinsically low power – they only require battery usage when an image is updated. This reduces the required frequency for battery recharging and increases the potential use of thinner and/or printed batteries.

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Innovative applications

Our plastic displays are ultrathin, lightweight and flexible, making them ideally suited for integration into a wide range of wearables, such as smart jewellery, smart clothing and even smart shoes.

When it comes to wearable products, we’ve proved that you don’t have to trade visual appeal for functionality. Plastic Logic has already worked with several smart jewellery manufacturers, developing wearable display solutions for their innovative products.

Other exciting applications include mobile health monitoring devices, which need to be not only robust and lightweight, but also have low power consumption.

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