If you want to design great wearable tech devices, you need to source the right components.
Wearable technologies need to adapt to form, not just function;
after all, technology shouldn’t wear the person, but rather it should be the other way around.

Flexible displays for wearable technologies

Our glass-free Lectum® displays are proven in the market and the perfect addition to any wearable technology designer’s toolkit: extremely robust and shatterproof, they allow wearables to withstand the wear and tear of daily device usage.

Being plastic displays, they are ultrathin, lightweight and flexible, making them well suited for integration in a host of wearables including smart jewelry, devices for mobile health monitoring, smart clothing and shoes.

Furthermore, being electrophoretic displays (EPD) and bi-stable, Lectum displays are intrinsically low power, since they only require battery when an image is updated. This reduces the required frequency for battery recharging and increases the potential use of thinner and/or printed batteries.

glass-free and flexible

robust and shatterproof

ultrathin and lightweight


suitable for integration in most wearables

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Presenting the world’s first flexible, glass-free, active-matrix e-paper display.

Smart jewelry

We have already worked with several smart jewelry manufacturers, developing wearable display solutions for their innovative products and proving that wearable technology doesn’t necessarily have to trade visual appeal for functionality.

Mobile health monitoring

Mobile health (mHealth) is almost certainly set to benefit from the growing wearable tech industry.

mHealth refers to the mobile collection and relay of clinical data to patients, practitioners and researchers, as well as real-time monitoring of patient vital signs and even direct provision of care.

Whilst relevant in industrialized nations, where the increase in aging populations requires additional, alternative forms of care to traditional methods, it is even more pertinent to developing nations, where patients often may not have immediate access to clinics and remote mobile treatment is the only option.

In all of these situations, patient monitoring devices need to be not only robust and lightweight, but above all have low power consumption.

Our shatterproof Lectum displays are the perfect fit for such devices: data is displayed dynamically and in high resolution, but without the battery drain associated with conventional LCD screens.

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Our glass-free Lectum displays can be integrated in a wide range of applications
and are considered particularly well suited for smart cards, but also for products in the markets:
Smart cards
Mobile Devices