Making mobile devices even more versatile

Our flexible display techology adds additional functionality to mobile devices

Today, consumers are used to reading and accessing information on the move. But using mobile devices can sometimes be a frustrating experience – problems can include reading in bright sunlight through a dim or cracked screen, or coping with low battery life because of prolonged usage.

The answer to these and other related mobile device problems is – a secondary display. By integrating a secondary Lectum® display on the back of a smartphone or a tablet, manufacturers can double the surface area for apps, screensavers and important information.

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All mobile devices – including tablets, eReaders, smartphones and mobile accessories – can benefit from the integration of a Lectum® display, which has inherently low power consumption.

Our plastic displays are extremely robust and shatterproof, so customers can benefit from larger display sizes to make reading, working, messaging or gaming easier – even in bright sunlight, where EPDs excel over other display types, with much less risk of damage when dropped.

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Compared with standard, glass-based EPD, Lectum® displays are lighter. Because they are made of plastic, any additional weight is incremental, which is critical when designing a mobile device.

With a glass-free Lectum® electrophoretic display (EPD), device fragility is significantly reduced, whilst functionality is increased.

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