Making smart cards even smarter

Our flexible display techology adds functionality and customer value to smart cards

Additional functionality

Smart Cards are rapidly becoming an essential part of our everyday lives, with applications ranging from financial services, healthcare and transportation, to retail and security.

Most smart cards feature embedded chips to make them ‘smart’ – but what if you could additional functionality to make them even smarter?

With Plastic Logic display technology, you can. We enable organisations to integrate a flexible display into their smart cards that not only enhances functionality, but also provides added customer value through more information and security.

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Increased resilience

Smart cards need to be resilient to stand up to day-to-day consumer use – such as being put in a back pocket and sat on.

So, when it comes to designing a smart card, uppermost in designers’ minds is – how can we make it resilient as well as practical?

Plastic Logic’s Lectum® plastic displays are glass-free, making them inherently robust and shatterproof and compliant with ISO flexibility requirements.

Designers can easily embed a display into a smart card that not only shows information dynamically and in high resolution, but also provides the resilience to withstand day-to-day customer behaviour.

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Thin and lightweight displays

One of the biggest challenges facing designers is how to add display functionality to an existing smart card whilst maintaining standard size and weight.

Plastic Logic’s Lectum® plastic displays can help meet that challenge. Our displays are thin and lightweight, making them ideal for embedding into ISO-standard smart cards.

In addition, they can be easily integrated with a flexible touch screen. Being an electrophoretic display (EPD), a Lectum® display is also intrinsically low power and only requires battery use when an image is updated.

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