The lowest power digital signage

From shelf-edge labels, smart meters and security tags to wayfinding, transportation and retail signage, digital signage applications have several things in common;
they require a robust display which is high resolution, easily legible and always on.

Glass-free electrophoretic displays (EPD) tick all of these boxes whilst at the same time consuming very little to no power at all.

When epd becomes a must

So, what is digital signage? Commonly used for logistics, wayfinding (indoors and out), exhibitions and outdoor advertising, digital signage uses a range of display types, including EPD, LED, OLED and LCD digital signage display screens to present useful information to the user. However, depending on the end application there are occasions when EPD really is the only option for digital signage displays.

great outdoor reading experience

low power despite being always on

thin and lightweight for optimized label and signage build

glass-free, robust and shatterproof

Reflective for great outdoor digital signage

When it comes to displaying information outdoors, you want your content to be legible in all conditions.

Whether on a beautiful summer’s day with the brightest sunlight, on a rainy autumn afternoon or on New Year’s Eve at midnight (in this case a front light should be integrated), Lectum® displays are always easy to read because they are reflective.

This is a clear advantage over LCD and OLED, where bright sunlight can often impede the reading experience.

The lightest digital signage solutions

Lectum displays are glass-free making them thinner and more lightweight per square inch than their conventional EPD counterparts, which are manufactured using silicon on glass.

And because they are plastic displays, Lectum displays are not only extremely robust but also shatterproof. This means digital signage solutions can now be much more durable, which is perfect for applications where digital displays are exposed to wear and tear, for example in logistics and shelf edge labelling.

Always on; always saving energy

Wouldn’t it be great if you could implement a digital signage solution and actually save energy and money? Well you can with Lectum displays because they are bi-stable. As such, energy is only required when updating the display, but not to maintain information on the display.

This is a particular advantage for applications where paper is being replaced, since maintaining an always-on screen can be extremely energy intensive. This is why these displays are often called electronic paper (or e-paper) displays.

Furthermore, Lectum displays can be updated remotely making them an ideal component for autarkic public transport timetables for smart cities and thus saving on printing and transport costs simultaneously.


Our glass-free Lectum displays can be integrated in a wide range of applications and are considered particularly well suited for smart cards, but also for products in the markets:
Smart cards
Mobile Devices