Making digital signage even clearer

Our flexible display techology enables digital signage that is flexible and more legible

Legible in all conditions

When it comes to displaying information indoors or outdoors, it’s important that the display is clear and legible in all conditions.

Many organisations use digital signage for a wide range of applications, from outdoor advertising to retail. Digital signage uses a range of display types, including EPD, LED, OLED and LCD digital signage display screens to present useful information.

However, these display types are not always the right option – they are not always clear and legible and often use a lot of power.

Lectum® electrophoretic displays (EPDs) are the clear alternative and, in many cases, the only option for digital signage displays.

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Signage that is durable

Because they are made of plastic, Lectum® displays are not only extremely robust, but also shatterproof. This means that digital signage solutions can be much more durable, particularly where digital displays are exposed to wear and tear – for example, in logistics.

They are also low-energy, with power only required when updating the display, not to maintain information on the display. This is a particular advantage for applications where paper is being replaced, since maintaining an always-on screen can be very energy-intensive.

Our displays can be updated remotely, making them ideal for public transport timetables, retail signage such as Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL), smart meters and security tags.

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High resolution

Where a robust display featuring high resolution and good legibility is required, our glass-free EPDs are the ideal solution.

Lectum® displays are always easy to read because they are reflective. This is a clear advantage over LCD and OLED, where bright sunlight can often impede legibility. And because our displays are glass-free, they are thinner and more lightweight per square inch than conventional glass EPDs.

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