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Showing the future for a paperless office

July 12, 2012

BBC Click visited Plastic Logic’s R&D centre in Cambridge to see how our unique plastic electronics technology has the potential to help make their vision of a paperless office a reality. Visiting our lab included getting kitted up for a behind-the-scenes tour of our cleanroom and BBC Click saw how our technology is manufactured. With well over a million plastic transistors, BBC Click saw how our displays can show high-resolution text, images and even video animation, while still remaining flexible and robust. The BBC Click team experienced how our flexible plastic displays could be a perfect partner product for people in the office and on the move, including sending content wirelessly from their smartphone to a plastic e-paper accessory display, making it much easier to read files.

Plastic Logic CEO, Indro Mukerjee, was also featured on BBC Click talking about how Plastic Logic has developed our unique technology from research project to fully industrialised state and some of the challenges we’ve overcome along the way. Indro gave a glimpse into the future, talking about the potential that one day people could wear, sit on, or use furniture that is embedded with Plastic Logic’s technology. BBC Click were so impressed with Plastic Logic’s technology that presenter Spencer Kelly said it represents a definite “step closer to a low power, paperless future.”

For more information on the BBC Click feature, watch the show here:

You can also see behind-the-scenes footage which features extra shots of our CEO Indro Mukerjee and the BBC Click team getting geared up for our cleanroom and lab on the BBC Click website at

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