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Mike Banach, Director - research & partnerships at Plastic Logic - on OTFT technology for brand protection and authentication

November 20, 2014

Plastic Logic comments on the race to the prize of flexible display devices

November 19, 2014

Plastic Logic wins Innovation Excellence Award at Global OLED Congress

November 4, 2014

Daily Mail article on flexible displays featuring Plastic Logic display being stamped on and emerging unscathed

October 31, 2014

Daily Mail on 10 tech trends for 2015 including Plastic Logic flexible displays

October 21, 2014

SID 2014 roundup of noteworthy display tech, including Plastic Logic flex AMOLED

September 26, 2014

Another French region trials low power daylight-readable electronic public transport timetables backed by Plastic Logic's thin film transistor technology

September 18, 2014