Initial applications of Plastic Logic's flexible plastic transistor technology include flexible plastic displays of various sizes and in both colour and monochrome.

Plastic Logic offers customised display solutions in addition to the standard sizes as listed below. Please send an email with your requirements to

These ultra-thin, ultra-lightweight and high-quality plastic displays empower OEMs to revolutionise existing product designs and develop innovative new solutions. Applications vary from mobile devices like smartphones, e-readers and tablets to signage, wristwatches automotive and many others.

The following is an overview of the technical display parameters (please click on the display category for further details):

Technology         OTFT active matrix backplane coupled with E Ink
Display category

[1.5" | 2.6"]

[4.0" | 4.9"]

10.7” 15.4" 2-up
Resolution 180 x 128 180 x 128 400 x 240
720 x 120 1280 x 960 1920 x 1280
Active area (mm)  30.6 x 21.8  54.0 x 38.4  
88.0 x 52.8 122.4 x 20.4  217.6 x 163.2   326.4 x 217.6 
Active area (diagonal) 1.5" 2.6"
4.9" 10.7" 15.4"  
Pixel density  150 ppi 85 ppi
115 ppi
150 ppi 150 ppi 150 ppi 
Colour code      monochrome
Grey levels Four 16
Thickness   800 µm

     typical 50 mm radius,
final configuration dependent

Refresh rate         < 900 ms
EPD controller
 included, Solomon Systech SSD1606 included, Epson S1D13541
Interface SPI     EPD controller dependent    
Operating conditions         0°C to 40°C /
15 %rH to 85 %rH
0°C to 50°C /
15 %rH to 85 %rH
Storage conditions -25°C to 40°C /
10 %rH to 90 %rH
-25°C to 50°C /
10 %rH to 90 %rH
Additional options       Tailor-made display sizes and pixel densities; surface finish; front lighting on special request;
combinable with commercial touch solutions   
Evaluation Kits Available on request at

To discuss your applications in detail or to order displays and evaluation kits, please contact us with your requirements at