The most flexible, glass-free,
active-matrix EPDs on the market.

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Proven in the market - flexible and versatile

Lectum displays are already being integrated in a wide range of applications.

Robust and shatterproof

Production-ready plastic displays

Available in a wide range of sizes, including custom designs, in both low and high volumes.

Plastic Logic Germany EPDs offer huge advantages over conventional, glass-based EPD being extremely robust and truly flexible.

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Plastic Logic Germany

World-renowned and industry-leading in the design and manufacture of truly flexible, glass-free electrophoretic displays (EPD). Employing a world-class team of experts in flexible electronics development and manufacturing.

Development of a process to manufacture truly flexible, organic thin-film transistors (OTFT). Subsequent full industrialization of a sheet-to-sheet (S2S) process in the world's first commercial, high volume, plastic electronics factory.

Robust, glass-free ePaper displays: the driving force behind a wide range of new products and applications, including smarter smart cards, more wearable wearables, more versatile mobile devices and the lowest power digital signage.

Innovation and Development

Continually pushing the boundaries in flexible electronics manufacturing.

Quality made in Germany

Running a full-scale, automated factory in Dresden, Germany, including an open pilot line.

Technology changing the world

Our displays are being integrated by customers in a wide range of end applications around the globe.

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