10.7″ Display

The 10.7” Lectum display is an active-matrix EPD with gate and source drivers supporting 1280 x 960 pixels.

This display is particularly suitable for e-book and signageapplications.

  • Organic TFT active matrix incorporating industry leading, bi-stable electrophoretic display technology
  • Four chip solution on double COF (chip-on-film); can be folded behind the display

    • Source driver
    • Gate driver

  • Thin, formable, robust, lightweight
  • Ultra-wide viewing angle
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    Ultra-low power – no continuous refresh cycles required
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    External EPD controller as well as power management required
  • Evaluation kits available for driving images
  • Can be combined with third-party touch solutions
    Resolution1280 x 960
    Active area217.6 x 163.2 mm (10.7″ diagonal)
    Pixel density150 ppi
    Bendabilitytypical 50 mm radius (except chip area)
    Gray levelsup to 16
    Refresh rate< 900 ms (16 gray-level) – faster for mono updates
    Surfaceanti-glare / UV protection /hard-coat 2H
    Weight37 g
    Thickness650 µm
    EPD controllerexternal
    Operating conditions0°C to 50°C | 15 %rH to 85 %rH
    Storage conditions-25°C to 50°C | 15 %rH to 85 %rH
    Display identifier for evaluation kitsD107_T3.1

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    Need a different display size?

    We have developed a range of display platforms based on different EPD controllers required to drive the respective Lectum design. Reference displays and evaluation kits, including software, are available. Please choose a platform or select custom design to discover how we can best support your display needs.

    Reference display sizes:
    1.1”, 1.38”, 2.1″ and 3.1″


    Reference display size:
    4” and 4.9″

    Custom Design