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4.9″ Display

$149.00 Excluding tax

Mobile low power applications, such as IOT, wearables, handheld devices.

720 x 120 pixels, 150 ppi
Active area: 122.4 x 20.4 mm
Epson S1D13541 platform


Beaglebone for 4.9″ Display

$499.00 Excluding tax

Beagleobone-Kit, suited for low power, mid-performance applications such as handheld devices, wearables and labels. Allows more advanced functionality like basic user interaction and mid-size image processing.
The MCU ARM Cortex-A8 runs on Linux with EPD frame buffer driver.
The kit includes the MCU board Beaglebeone and all other components required to operate different display sizes.
The display sizes suported are 4″, 4.9″, 4.7″ and 10.7″.