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Plastic Logic is the leader in the field of plastic electronics. We were the
first company worldwide to develop and manufacture glass-free, flexible
electrophoretic displays (EPD).

Discover the wide variety of professional development opportunities on offer to our team.

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We are focused on developing and retaining our people; trust and respect are key to this.

Our mission is to give our team members the opportunity to stretch and achieve; we reward those who drive innovation and ensure that the company succeeds.

We have created an environment where our employees are proud to work for Plastic Logic and be part of innovation.

Pro-active applications

Pro-active applications are welcome. We are seeking qualified professionals who thrive in dynamic, fast-growing entrepreneurial environments.

If you are interested in one of these fields: Sales, Sales Engineering, Process Integration, Manufacturing/Operating, Quality (Test Engineering, Yield Enhancement), Purchase or Software Development please submit your application using the online form below.

If you cannot submit your application by using the online form please be informed that we do not return application documents after the completion of the recruiting process. In compliance with data protection regulations all application documents received via post will be discarded. Many thanks for your understanding.


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