Making smart cards smarter

From healthcare, transportation and retail to security and FinTech, the smart card has
become an essential element of our way of life today.

Why stop at embedding a computer chip, however? Why not also integrate a display for improved security and wallet slimming functionality as well as flexibility?

Increased benefit without compromise

Imagine designing a smart card display which not only shows information dynamically and in high resolution, but also withstands known user behavior – including being put in a back pocket and sat on.

Well, with our Lectum® plastic displays you can! They are glass-free, making them inherently robust and shatterproof and compliant with ISO bending requirements, so designers can get on with the important stuff and not worry about having to compromise on user experience.

glass-free and flexible

robust and shatterproof

ultrathin (≥475µm) for use in ISO standard smart cards

lightweight and low power

suitable for integration in standard smart card format

Same smart card – Increased utility

The ability to augment the functionality of a smart card with a display and yet maintain standard measurements and weight is possibly a challenge for some. Integrating a thin and lightweight Lectum display, however, turns the challenge into child’s play, because our displays can be as thin as 475µm, making them ideal for use in ISO standard smart cards. Furthermore, Lectum displays can easily be integrated with a flexible touch screen. And if you need assistance, we can show you how.


Being an electrophoretic display (EPD), Lectum is intrinsically low power since it only requires battery when an image is updated.

The benefits are clear for both our customers and the consumer; thinner and/or printed batteries can be considered for design and the end user still benefits from a device, which only has to be charged occasionally, as opposed to on a daily basis.


Our glass-free Lectum displays can be integrated in a wide range of applications
and are considered particularly well suited for smart cards, but also for products in the markets:
Mobile Devices