The more versatile mobile device

Reading and accessing information on the move has become the norm.
However, it can sometimes be a frustrating experience for users,
between trying to read in bright sunlight, coping with low battery through
prolonged use and cracked screens.

Glass-free electronic paper displays utilizing electrophoretic technology
can offer a versatile solution to these problems.

Increased functionality with shatterproof epd

By integrating a secondary display in the back of a smartphone or a tablet, manufacturers can double the surface area for apps, screensavers and important information, such as mobile boarding cards.

And by choosing a glass-free Lectum® display, device fragility is halved whilst doubling functionality; our plastic electrophoretic displays (EPD) are extremely robust and shatterproof so your customers can enjoy twice the device real estate for reading, working, texting and gaming – even in bright sunlight, where EPD far excels other display types – but without an increased risk of breakage when dropped.

robust and shatterproof glass-free displays

ultrathin display allows designers to maintain expectations for thinner devices

lightweight: double the surface area without doubling weight

low power for longer use

suitable for integration in smartphones, tablets and eReaders

Thinner and lighter devices

Because Lectum displays are plastic displays, the additional weight is incremental, which is critical when designing a mobile device. Compared with standard, glass-based EPD, Lectum displays are lighter per square inch.

Low power for extended use

Tablets, eReaders, smartphones and mobile accessories alike can benefit from the integration of a Lectum display, which have inherently low power consumption, being EPDs. This means more hours of non-stop reading, or having your mobile boarding card to hand, even when your smartphone battery has already failed on that long transatlantic business trip.


Our glass-free Lectum displays can be integrated in a wide range of applications and are considered particularly well suited for smart cards, but also for products in the markets:
Smart cards