The world’s leading plastic electronics team
with an extensive IP portfolio.


Plastic Logic has developed a revolutionary plastic transistor technology that enables electronics to be manufactured on flexible or plastic sheets. Founded by researchers from Cambridge University's Cavendish Laboratory, Plastic Logic has assembled the world's leading team of plastic electronics experts, and has generated an extensive IP portfolio.

The fully qualified plastic electronics manufacturing process and architectures developed by Plastic Logic are truly game-changing:

  • A display with the thickness of a sheet of paper, flexible and conformal, that completely shifts the paradigm for display applications.
  • A low temperature process, well below the boiling point of water, means that transistors can be built directly onto everyday plastic substrates.
  • Patented distortion tolerant manufacturing processes compensate for and correct misalignments due to the elasticity of plastic in the manufacturing process.
  • Patterning processes allowing millions of transistors in each backplane, providing a very high level of detail in the finished display.

Technology OverviewTransistor detail

The display media is eink material.

Plastic Logic has already developed and fully qualified the manufacturing process and architecture that allows PlasticPaperTM displays to be manufactured in a wide range of shapes and sizes. See our technology in action.

Future application areas for this manufacturing process are almost endless. Examples include flexible sensor arrays, smart cards, tags and many other areas where plastic transistors can be added to existing products in ways not possible with conventional electronics.