A heritage of leading capital investment

When founded in 2000, Plastic Logic's seed financing was led by Amadeus Capital Partners, along with ET Capital and Dow Venture Capital. Over the years, some of the world's largest and most prominent financial and industrial investment companies have been involved in the company as investors.

Following a restructure, the company has early market traction. We are now seeking further investment to grow the market and complete the path to profitability.

Invest in a company shaping the market for flexible displays!

New shareholding structure

Plastic Logic Germany is a restructured company; built from a pilot facility that worked for four years industrialising technology, it is now the world’s first company selling truly flexible, glass-free electrophoretic displays (EPD).

In the past, the Dresden operation was a fab only. Now it is a complete operation; from development and manufacturing to sales.

The company’s fundraising efforts are fully supported by our most recent and current main investor, Rusnano Corporation. This is within the new shareholding structure, following the spin-out of FlexEnable in February 2015.

Plastic Logic Germany office

The market

The global demand for flexible displays is already significant and the market is predicted to hit
$41.3 billion by 2020. Several of the big players in the display industry, including Samsung and LG, have begun to invest in flexible displays. Whilst flexible EPD is a niche within this market, we know that there is a clear potential for very high volumes. We believe in a market share of 8-12% in 2020

Revenue opportunities

We have identified four specific areas where revenue opportunities for flexible EPD are particularly pronounced:

  • Payment cards
  • Wearables
  • Mobile phone secondary displays
    (either as part of device or an accessory)
  • Robust tablets for educational and other heavy duty uses

Example market: payment cards

The global smart cards market is flourishing. Transparency Market Research forecasts a CAGR of 9% for the 2014-2020 period, bringing the market valuation to an estimated US$11.9 billion by 2020.

Payment cards account for more than 25% of the global smart cards market as a whole, with over 2.37 billion EMV (Europay, Mastercard and Visa) cards already in circulation. This number will increase dramatically by the end of 2015 as the US completes the migration to EMV cards.

We have been approached by and are working with several companies developing displays for smart card integration. All of which are for payment cards.

In each case our displays offer a clear advantage over the competition, enabling customers to design an innovative and more importantly functional product. The first of these will be available on the market in Q1 2016.

Unfortunately, our customers have not yet granted permission to talk about these projects publicly. However, we are happy to disclose more detailed information under NDA.

Building on revenue growth

Plastic Logic Germany’s revenue continues to grow in 2015. By the middle of the year, like for like revenue had increased 46% year on year. We are confident that we will maintain this revenue growth with an increasing pipeline of opportunities and committed volume.

We have built this revenue by simultaneously driving efficiency and delivering sales revenue. A conscientious reduction of costs, including the development of cost-saving programs and ISO 50001 certification, has supported these endeavors.

Further investment needs

On the basis of our market analysis and our fully developed business plan, Plastic Logic Germany is seeking to raise equity funding.

Our Dresden facility was originally designed and built as a pilot line. In order to achieve its full potential, we need to further increase process efficiency and thus maximize profit.

We have identified specific areas where investment funds are set to yield the most benefit. We plan to:

  • further develop the patented process to make it leaner
  • de-bottleneck production process to maximize capacity
  • complete the implementation of color
  • further develop the sales and marketing effort
  • build supply chains for new, more flexible displays focused on the wearables segment
  • re-engineer the processes to be environmentally friendly and energy efficient

Invest in success

The Plastic Logic Germany manufacturing facility remains the first of its kind in the world. In many ways, it can already be classed as a great success, with a fully industrialized process and initial product in the market.

Let us know how you would like to be involved in our fundraising drive and invest in our further success!

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