Plastic Logic partners with L!BER8 to deliver high-fashion wearables

Plastic Logic has partnered with L!BER8 to create ‘Tago Arc’ - an elegant smart bracelet featuring a flexible EPD display that adapts to a wide array of patterns and designs depending on the wearer’s style and mood. 

By incorporating Plastic Logic’s leading-edge flexible plastic electronic technology, L!BER8 has created a bracelet whereby the final display spans the entirety of the metal rims so the entire surface can display various patterns, which are selected and synced wirelessly through a mobile phone app. Furthermore, as Plastic Logic’s technology only draws a small amount of power, L!BER8 was able to create an extremely low-power, long-lasting battery design.  This means the device doesn’t need to be continually recharged by the wearer which is an attractive end user benefit. 

L!BER8 has many more projects in the pipeline and the team intends to partner with Plastic Logic again in the future to enable some of the exciting product development opportunities.