Applications - Displays

Based on its plastic electronics technology, Plastic Logic has fully industrialised mass production of flexible electrophoretic plastic displays in our Dresden facility: the world's first commercial organic electronics factory.

Key strategic display applications milestones have been achieved: Full production of rugged displays with high longevity (>5 years lifetime including 10 million page updates), with yields comparable to those in the high volume LCD industry; 150dpi resolution monochrome and now 112dpi resolution colour displays; and animation has been demonstrated.

Having originally demonstrated the utility of our displays in e-readers, we now have the display technology coupled with display driver and management software experience to support OEMs and system integrators in e-reader markets.

Plastic Logic flexible colour plastic display
Flexible Plastic Logic colour display

The ultra-thin, ultra-lightweight, flexible plastic displays have the same quality and user experience as paper, except they are also rugged and durable! This offers the prospect of true paper replacement: A major aspiration for the industry. Additionally, our flexible displays open up the possibility of developing a wide range of novel applications, which are not possible with common glass-based displays.

Larger form factor conformal displays have specialist signage applications, while smaller displays have potential uses in a variety of mobile IT/communications and other high volume applications. The display technology is ideal for billboard applications or any other permanent signage installations, such as bus timetables. It is lightweight, robust, daylight readable and demands very little power to operate. Billboards can be fabricated by tiling several displays making them easy to assemble.

To discuss your applications in detail, please contact us with your requirements.