Leading in the development of
plastic electronics and the
manufacture of flexible displays.

About us

Plastic Logic Germany is the leader in the field of plastic electronics manufacturing and your partner of choice for flexible, glass-free EPD and flexible electronics development and manufacturing.

In February 2015, the technology part of Plastic Logic was spun out to form a new company, FlexEnable and the manufacturing part named Plastic Logic Germany; allowing a targeted focus on the further development and application of a unique and enabling technology platform in Cambridge and the manufacture of EPD in Dresden. Building on Plastic Logic’s people and technology assets in Cambridge, UK FlexEnable commands the full technology and patent portfolio.

Plastic Germany has achieved many technological firsts in making plastic electronics a reality. We were the first to fully industrialise the mass production of plastic electronics in the world's first purpose built factory, achieving production yields of plastic electronic displays comparable to the LCD industry.

Plastic Logic Germany has also broken new ground with what is possible with plastic electronic displays. Today we develop and manufacture ultra-thin, ultra-lightweight and high-quality monochrome plastic displays of various sizes. These plastic displays offer huge advantages over conventional screens being extremely flexible and hard-wearing with proven lifetimes of over five years and more than ten million page updates.

Flexed display on About us Factory floor
One of Plastic Logic Germany's fully flexible plastic EPDs The world's first commercial organic electronics factory, in Dresden, Germany

We now leverage our process development and manufacturing resources to allow partners, such as OEMs, system integrators and device manufacturers, to utilise our expertise in flexible electronics manufacturing and take advantage of our unique scalable organic electronics manufacturing facility as part of our Open Pilot Line.

To learn more about how your business could take advantage of Plastic Logic Germany's unique plastic displays and manufacturing capability, please contact us.